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Haystack TV – All News on Android TV

Free News App for Android TV

Are you fond of news or are you a news lover about many streams or about a one mainstream (like sports, weather, celebrities etc.) that you love most? Then this is the best app for you. When you are watching news from your TV you have to watch each and every thing that they chooses for you. Sometimes you may not fond of most of the news coverage of these traditional news channels. Assume that you do not like to watch news about child abuses, murders etc. but if you are watching news through your local TV channels using your TV you don’t get any opportunity to choose the news category that you want to know. But this great app Haystack TV obviously gives you the chance to select any news category like weather, new technological inventions, sports etc. not only from your local level but you will definitely experience news around the world and of course from many mainstream news services.

This great news app haystack TV can be downloaded from the Google Play Store freely. Though it is free, the purpose of the haystack TV remains at the best level.

Best Android TV News App

For your information below I have mentioned some mainstream news services that you can surf for news through this Haystack TV. BBC, CNN, AP, MSNBC, NY Times, Sport channels like MLB, NFL, NBA, CNET, TMZ. If you are interested in politics provide space for that also. You can get to know about car news, game news, celebrity news, gossips. Anything you like is there in this marvelous Haystack TV

I like this app so much because the Haystack TV definitely provides space for you to make our own channels by sorting out the favorites from the ample number of choices. The user interface of the Haystack TV allows you to browse for your favorites while watching your favorites. You can use this in your mobile, tab or even on the TV.

For sure I can say this haystack TV will provide you the best news experience that you’re never ever had. This haystack TV will provide you with the opportunity of saving your time of watching your TV uselessly. Within a very short time period you will be able to know local, national, international news under a favorite category chosen by you.

Haystack TV will definitely provide high quality, deeper and news regarding anything that you want to know without any rubbish. You can know any news about any time anywhere thanks to this haystack TV.

You can download and install this News app on any Android TV using Filelinked. Filelinked has Filelinked stores created by users. Find Filelinked code for this app and download APK file from there.

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